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What is Closet?

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Closet is a backup service for disaster recovery using the cloud. A small palm-sized device (server) that we install at your business office backs up data to the cloud via the Internet. Even if business data is lost due to a disaster, data can be restored from data stored in the cloud. Closet is the perfect service for those who are thinking about BCP measures for their business and those who think that their existing backup is not enough.

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Benefits of using Closet

Safety and peace of mind

Cloud (Amazon S3) used by Closet is the industry's largest service with high durability * 1 and availability * 2. Securely store your data and provide secure backup.

Low price

Amazon S3 used by Closet is a pay-as-you-go service for storage capacity. Because you are charged for the used capacity, you can reduce costs compared to fixed-rate fixed-rate backup services.

No maintenance required

The backup is set to be performed automatically, and the time period to be set will be set to any time. When maintenance is required, we will do it remotely, so there is no network load during operation and no customer operation.

* 1 Designed to prevent stored data from being lost

* 2 The ability of the system to operate continuously

About Cloud used by Closet

Amazon Web Services (Hereinafter referred to as AWS) is a collective term for various cloud service counties provided by Amazon, which is famous for Internet shopping. Amazon is a long-established cloud service provider, and AWS is the largest service in the industry. AWS provides software services and hardware resources via the Internet. It is a service that can be used only when you want to use it via the Internet, so there is no need for initial investment for installing storage, servers, and networks, and it does not take time to operate it.
Using Closet Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is one of the cloud services provided by AWS. You can rent storage on the cloud via the Internet and save files. Amazon S3 is designed to store the same data in multiple data centers. If a failure occurs in one data center, the data is not lost because the other data center retains the data * 4. This achieves high reliability.

*3 From AWS domestic introduction case

*4 From Amazon S3 FAQ

About Closet monthly fee

Closet's monthly fee is determined by the number of connections to be backed up (the number of hard disks or a specific number of connected folders).

Number of connections
1 to 5 6 to 10 11 ~ 15 16 ~ 20 More
9,900 yen 12,100 yen 14,300 yen 16,500 yen Please consult

(Tax-included price)

* A monthly usage fee for Amazon S3 is required separately.

Case study


Why did you decide to consider our Closet (cloud service)?

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the importance of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been reaffirmed.       The BCP is a plan to pursue the continuation of important businesses or the resumption of business in the shortest possible time after a disaster. Daifuku Industries always has a server that stores important data such as sales management and salary relations unique to the company and data on design, management and submission materials of public works held at each site, as well as hardware and electronic media failure. In the event of a backup, we were continuously considering how to handle large backups.       
      In a service that is considered to cost 1GB = 10,000 yen for data recovery that we considered earlier, restoring several TB of data would cost tens of millions of dollars in sudden costs. I was The BCP was re-recognized after the earthquake, and the company took notice anew.       It was Eastback's cloud service.

Please tell me the deciding factor of the introduction of Closet.

While many cloud services are provided, backup and data recovery and support are substantial.       
In addition, the introduction cost is low, the monthly running cost is low, and Amazon is used for the data storage location, so the security of the backup data is high, so the decision was made.

How about actually introducing Closet?

The best thing is that the central management server is small,     It is good that Eastbuck goes. The monthly bill is surprisingly low and we use it with confidence. I think it is good that even if the hardware to be backed up increases, the cost will not be affected so much.     
    Daily backups are performed at night, so there is no hindrance to operations and the status of backups can be easily checked, so I am relieved. Another benefit is that you don't need to worry about backups after installation, so you can focus on your daily work.